BioSnacky Sprouter Challenge June 20th to June 30th 2013

BioSnacky Sprouter Challenge June 20th to June 30th 2013

Watch over the next 10 days as I learn to how to sprout. I must admit I’m a newbie when it comes to sprouting. I like to think of myself as a gardener but truth be told the only thing that I’ve managed to do in the garden is water it. As a child my father would grow a beautiful and large garden every summer a that contained everything from green beans, zucchini, pumpkin, tomatoes and even our own fruit trees and vines. Unfortunately I didn’t inherit his green thumb until now!

BioSnacky Sproter Challenge

The photo above is the my first sign that I can do it. As I read over the A.Vogel BioSnacky manual (3 times) last night too scared to fail at this challenge, I’m happy to say I have seen the first sign of the mung bean sprout!

Mung bean

It turns out this might be easier than I thought. First I cleaned out the container or glasshouse as it’s called. I rinsed the three different seeds that I selected to sprout, mung beans, alfalfa and a mix called the fitness mix which contains white radish, mung beans and wheat. Each package of seeds specifies how much to place in each tray. Following the suggested amounts for each I then disturbed them into the trays making sure they did not touch each other. From here we stacked each tray making sure that the red siphons were staggered and that they were not tightly attached on top of the water drainage pipes.

Fitness Mix

When you pour the water and if it doesn’t run through it’s because the siphoncap are too tightly attached. From here I poured the water into the uppermost seed tray in order to submerge the siphoncap which is about half a litre.


As a result of how the bioSnacky Germinator is designed each seed tray will automatically be watered one after the other. If you look closely at the photo above you can see the water drained completely in the first tray and into the water in second and third tray still present. The surplus water will be collected in the water tray at the bottom of the germinator and can be used to water other indoor plants.

I must say so far this has been an easy challenge. It is also a very clean method of sprouting. I will now be placing the glasshouse on my desk near sunlight but not directly in sunlight until it needs to be watered again. Tomorrow I am hopeful to see a little more sprouting.

You can read more about the bioSnacky from Avogel. They are active on social media, Twitter and Facebook.

Have you ever sprouted any seeds?

Tell me what you did and what were the results.

Lina Zussino

Lina Zussino, is a co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. encourages real whole foods cooking while helping Canadians save money with grocery deals and coupons.