10 Kitchen Checklists you need to have

10 Kitchen Checklists you need to have

There is a science to good cooking or baking and from measurements to cooking methods here is an infographic I’ve used time and time again of the Ultimate Kitchen Cheat Sheet Guide or a Kitchen 101 Guide.

Kitchen Cheat Sheets

Ultimate list of Kitchen Cheat Sheets

Volume Conversions: 

Let’s start with volume conversions since it is the most used. Below is a volume conversion chart to guide you through. Now you will get the true definition of a pinch and how much that pinch really means, right?


 Mass and Volume Equivalents:

I don’t care what anyone tells you weighing your ingredients is the best and most accurate way to achieve success in the kitchen although it does depend on the substance used. Here is a generally guide line for flours, sugar, salt, powders such as cocoa, butter and honey.  Our next graph represents the equivalents for mass and volumes. Again extremely important if you are baking bread.


Mixing Methods:

These mixing methods are a huge help for the amateur cook or baker. There is a science to combining ingredients for baked goods believe it or not. This infograph below lays out the best mixing methods.


Baking with Eggs 101

Getting down to details with eggs. Eggs are the one ingredient that offer a wide range of tasks in baking. I love this infograph, it provides so much information on eggs and how to use eggs in baking. Note the egg substations at the bottom right hand corner.


Cooking Methods:

Cooking methods or otherwise known as cooking techniques here is a table that outlines all the various cooking method using dry heat or moist heat. From saute veggies to poached eggs, another great little cheat sheet to have handy in the easily assessable kitchen binder.



How to pull a perfect Expresso shot:

AH the perfect cup of coffee recipe and directions. I’m surprised this is often missed on Google. Check out How to pull a perfect Expresso shot. A step by step guide from the grind to brewing times.


Ratios for cooking grains:

Generally written on the bag or box but this is simple and extremely useful information. A whole list of grain to water ratios.


Spices 101:

A quick access guide on how to spice and flavour food. Spices and herbs also provide a huge amount health benefits. It’s a good idea to get yourself acquainted with them and how to bring out the best flavours in foods.


Knife Skills:

Minced , diced, chopped, finely diced, julienned – Learn the different methods and get familiarized with knife skills.


How long does food last for?

There is always a best before date on all packaged foods and after food package have been opened how long will it last in the fridge or freezer. Food poising due to spoiled food is no fun and from personal experience even worse when you’re pregnant. This infograph is a general guide that suggest how long food lasts in your freezer and pantry.


Grill Master – Properly Cooked Meat:

How would you like that meat cooked? HA this makes me laugh. I like my meat cooked! (When if ever I eat meat) Properly cooked meat should be done by checking the temperature. It might look cooked buy often meat is not thoroughly cooked. Even for those who love their meat medium to rare.grill-master

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