Extraordinary Easter DIYs for This Spring

Extraordinary Easter DIYs for This Spring

As sites like Pinterest and Tumblr become increasingly popular, inspiration, crafts, and tutorials are more prevalent than ever before. So this spring, leave the traditional Easter preparations behind and create something truly amazing for Easter that all your friends will be talking about!

We love to see DIY Easter activities:

1. DIY Grocery Bag Easter Basket

No need to buy plastic or disposable Easter egg baskets with this eco-friendly choice! It is beautiful and can be made with leftover paper bags. Learn to make a charming recycled paper basket by weaving strips of old paper bags together. Everyone will be amazed at the ingenuity and skill!

2. Spring Flower Bowls

Here is another craft that takes things you probably have laying around and turns them into stunning eye candy! Make sunny spring flower bowls from coffee filters, cupcake liners, & food coloring. Group several together to create a lovely tablescape!

3. Yarn Egg Surprises

Not only do these yarn eggs have a beautiful, decorative look, but they also hold trinkets & treats for favors! You will need water balloons, a small hand air pump, Mod Podge, water, and yarn to make these fun yarn eggs. They will look great in a bowl as decoration leading up to Easter.

4. Envelope Bunnies

These bunny envelopes are perfect for favors, cards, or as alternatives to Easter baskets. This is a fun, easy craft that is great for kids. All you need is an envelope and/or some construction paper, marker, and scissors for to make these envelope bunnies.

5. Egg Notes

This egg craft is last on my list but it is certainly not least. In fact, this may be my favorite. Egg notes are such a cute idea and a fun way to send messages of Easter cheer and love! If you love fortune cookies, you are sure to love Egg Notes! You basically empty the egg out, paint it pretty, and then add a fun note inside. Lots of potential for romance here or just a fun message to your kids.

Are you inspired yet?

It’s time to get out your craft supplies and make your Easter something to remember!

Don’t forget to take photos and I’d love to hear which Easter crafts are your favorite!

By Scarlet Paolicchi and Annabelle Absar of Family Focus Blog– all about parenting, green tips, family activities, recipes, and giveaways.

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