10 DIY Leftover Wine Bottle Hacks

10 DIY Leftover Wine Bottle Hacks

Being an avid wine lover, we always seem to have some wine bottles lying around. Here are 10 DIY Wine Bottle Hacks that will have you saving your wine bottles instead of chucking them into the recycle bin.

Wine Bottle Hacks

1. Wine Bottle Tiki Torches


Put some magic and romance into your garden this summer with these Wine Bottle Tiki Torches. It certainly welcomes a more relaxing and fun night kind of like they do in Hawaii but right in your own backyard. Just remember to keep them away for trees or anything that could light up into flames.

2. Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders

Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders

Regardless of what you use, bird feeders are a must in every garden. Why not recycle those wine bottles and turn them into wine bottle bird feeders. The delightful chirping will bring you back into a sanctuary right in your own backyard.


3. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

wine bottle wind chime

I’m definitely not a fan of wind chimes. In the ideal world my perfect sleep consists of pure silence however not everyone is like me. There are people like my neighbor that enjoys these wind chimes!


4. Chalkboard Painted Wine Bottle

Chalkboard Painted Wine Bottle

Another interesting concept. Using chalkboard paint to create labels on recycled wine bottles. Make sure you rinse and clean out the bottle if you’re going to put any food inside. Herbs would be ideal to me or even olive oil. Place a olive oil dispenser cap  on it along with mixed herbs to create a tasty olive dressing.


5. Yarn Wrapped Wine Bottle

Yarn Wrapped Wine Bottles

Yarn wrapped wine bottles make the perfect vase for special flowers or a nice rose. Place them on the table for a fashionable dinner setting. I’ve seen these yarn wrapped wine bottles using in restaurants filled with water instead of a water jug. It certainly offers a more glamorous water jug.


6. Wine Bottle Accent Lights

wine bottle accent lights

These DIY Wine Bottle Accent lights again are perfect anywhere you want to create some alternative dim lighting around the house.


7. Wine Bottle Picture Frame

Rhinestone Wine Bottle Picture Frame

Showcase your favourtie photos on DIY Wine Bottle Photo frames. These are great for girls as they love the glitter that adds funk into any teenagers bedroom. I also like this as an accent in a office shelf.



8. Wine Bottle Candles

Wine Bottle Candles

Try recycling wine bottles to make creative and beautiful glass holders for candles as well as storage containers and other crafts. This blogger decorated the glass holders with some outdoor accessories.  If you are into candle making this is a great idea.


9. Salt Covered Wine Bottles

Epsom Salt Covered Wine Bottles

This blogger recycled their glass wine bottles and some Epsom salt into a beautiful decorated and festive table center piece.


10. Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser

Etched Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser

A DIY wine bottle soap dispenser is definably something more my style IF the bottle is attractive although the blogger etched the design which is another way to turn a plan bottle into a more attractive one.


Steven Zussino

Steven Zussino is the co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. He loves to help Canadians save money on groceries. He also runs the blog, CanadianTravelHacking.com.


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