The Art of Saving Money with Coupons and Using them Wisely

The Art of Saving Money with Coupons and Using them Wisely

There is virtually no business that does not use coupons for promoting their products and services. When businesses use coupons as a marketing tool, it is the shopper with coupons who benefits the most. Businesses really don’t lose money when they give out coupons. What they really do is offload the loss on those who don’t use coupons for shopping. Coupons can give you unbelievable discounts, and at times, at prices even below the cost of production.

The Art of Saving Money with Coupons and Using them Wisely

Coupons can be found in many different places – on products, product displays and store shelves. They can also be found in newspapers, magazines and social media like Facebook for example. Sometimes you can even expect coupons to arrive in your email. Though they are all usable, it is difficult to compare the coupons with similar ones. On the other hand, online websites list multiples of coupons within each genre, which means you have hundreds of choices, and you also get an opportunity to compare one against the other.

The use of coupons is not limited to buying your daily needs. There are coupons for ordering web hosting services, TV subscriptions, photography, automotive supplies, stationary, printing and office supplies, and even for vocational training like photography.

Manufacturer Coupons

Manufacturers are more likely to come up with coupons that give cash discounts, and there is no product for which you will not find a coupon. Coupons not only help them push up sales but also to bring in product awareness. That is the reason why coupons with high discount value are more commonly used for lesser known products and brands. Coupons also help to switch loyalty from one brand to another. Manufacturer coupons are generally for only one product and for a particular size. You will see the details printed on them with information on where they can be redeemed. Generally there is a time frame within which you will have to use them.

Store Coupons

Store coupons are a different lot altogether. They are primarily aimed at loyal customers and big purchases. To get them, you should qualify by making regular purchases. The redeemable value of such coupons depends on your past purchases, or they may also be of a fixed denomination. They are generally transferable unless you see your name printed on them. Store coupons can be used for multiple items, or for such items specifically allowed in the coupon.

Store coupons are generally great for buying groceries. Restaurants and hotels also distribute coupons through their websites and even through social media and in functionality are very similar to store coupons. Restaurants also reward their regular customers with coupons that you can use another you dine time or gift it to someone you know.

Shipping Coupons

Another class of coupon is free shipping coupon. They are more commonly used for ordering products from online stores. The advantage, as the name itself says is you don’t have to pay for shipping charges. However, you should understand that the coupon may not be of use to you, if you ever have to return the product. When you buy a coupon from a coupon merchant website, make sure that it covers the full value of your purchase. Sometimes free shipping coupons are limited to certain value. You should verify it before you buy them online, or swap another coupon you have with you.

Time Using Your High Value Coupons

Coupons are not just about getting a discount on your purchases. Smart coupon users time their purchases to get optimum value. They can be combined with a store promotion in progress or a store loyalty coupon or with loss leader sale, in which case you can expect to save more than the redeemable value printed on the coupon. Another great time to use valuable coupons is when stores will double a manufacturer’s coupon value, though you will see fewer such offers.

Believe, there are some stores that accept competitors’ coupons. They do this to wean away customers from their rival stores even though that can mean a loss to them. They often cover up the loss when you become their regular customer. Another important point you must remember is that a single product can have multiple coupons of different value. You should thoroughly check coupon seller websites to see if you are buying the right one with maximum redemption value to it.

Use Multiple Product Discount Coupons Wisely

There is yet another type of coupon called Multiple Product Discount Coupons that will give one free for one you buy with cash. There are variants like 3 for the price of 2 and so on. Though you buy them with coupons they are basically discounts that help you save money. You can take advantage of them, but use them only if your family can consume the purchase within a reasonable time. You should remember that your main objective is to save money and not to stock what you cannot use. When you use coupons, don’t forget to read the conditions in fine print.

If you have landed on a valuable coupon and don’t plan to use it any way, then you should consider swapping it for something you can use before it expires and the best place to do it is online. You will see hundreds of people like you listed at coupon websites who want to change their coupons.

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