Save on Foods Coupon Stacking Guide

Save on Foods Grocery Store can be an amazing place to shop for those who are looking to save money. This store not only has amazing weekly deals, but for those who want to save as much as possible on groceries, they offer “stacking.”

For those of you who do not know what stacking is, this is the couponer’s DREAM! Stacking refers to using multiple coupons with different bar codes or numbered codes on a single item.

For example, if you were to buy a tube of toothpaste for two dollars and had two 1 dollar off coupons with two different barcodes, you could combine them to get 2 dollars off instead of 1 dollar off. This would essentially make the product you are purchasing free and if you are anything like me, you love the “F” word. FREE that is.

Save on Foods has graciously allowed their customers to be able to stack coupons at their stores. With this privilege, however, there are rules that customers must be aware of when using multiple coupons on one product at Save on Foods.

In the Save on Foods coupon policy, it states that stacking is not allowed if the fine print reads: “Use of more than one manufacturer coupon per product is strictly prohibited”, or if wording states “cannot be combined with other offers.” On top of this, coupons you are stacking must be from different media sources (example; insert, tearpad, etc). However it is very easy to follow these rules and still save hundreds of dollars on your grocery bill.

In fact, I did a shop at Save on Foods this week and saved $130.73 through the use of coupons and stacking.

Extreme Couponing Shop at Save on Foods:

Huggies Wipes originally 4.29 I Price matched to Superstore for 2.00 used:

  • $1.00 insert,
  • $1.00 from a mail out
Similac Formula originally 28.99 on sale for $24.99 used:
  • $10.00 and 3.00 cheque from mail-out (they let me use two cheques)
  • $5.00 dollar coupon from mail-out
  • $5.00 cardboard coupon

so they were 1.99 each!!!

Huggies Diapers originally 30.00 and I price matched from Safeway for 24.99 I used:

  • $10.00 dollar coupon from Save on Foods (when you sign up for their website) $3.00 dollar peelie
  • $2.00 Mail-out out from Kimberly Clark
  • $2.00 hologram mail out out from Huggies
  • $2.00 mail-out out from Huggies (completely different from the first mail-outs)
  • $2.00 printable from online,
  • $2.00 dollar insert
Crest Tooth Paste 3.49 used:
Free product coupon= FREE
Sunlight on sale for 5.99 used:
  • $1.50 insert,
  • $1.00 printable,
  • $1.00 from
  • $2.00 from tear pads
*Note Snuggle (was purchased elsewhere but it was FREE)

Campbells Chicken and Vegetable Broth on sale 5 for $10.00 (I had bought 6 but used one). I used:

  • .75 printable coupon and
  • $2.00 tear pad
= .25 each
Campbells soups 1.29 I price matched from Shoppers Drug mart .59 and used:
1.00 off tear pad coupon when you buy 2 soups=.09 each!!!

How to Stack Coupons Effectively at Save on Foods

  1. Depending on the store, you can Price Match (or pm, in couponing lingo) using their competitors’ flyers.
  2. Read your coupons carefully, and make sure they do not state “Use of more than one manufacture coupon per product is strictly prohibited” or “Cannot be combined with any other offer.”
  3. Make sure your coupons have different UPC codes (this is the unique code each coupon has).
  4. Make sure each coupon is from a different source, ie. printable, insert and mail-out.
  5. Read the coupon policy in order to better understand how to stack.
  6. If your coupon total is $0.01 over the value of the product you may not use it.  For example, if your toothpaste is $0.99 and your coupon is $1.00 you may not use this coupon.
  7. This is not stacking related, but always treat customer service with respect and kindness.

Happy Savings, Melissa and Kristine from Frugal In the Fraser Valley
You can find the store policies at

Save on Foods Coupon policy:

Coupon Acceptance Practices:

Our coupon acceptance practices are designed to help extend more savings to our customers while ensuring we continue to offer an exceptional customer service experience to everyone in our stores. We don’t limit the number of coupons redeemed per transaction necessarily, but rather, we focus on our responsibility to follow the directions clearly stated on those coupons.

To receive your coupon discount please:
• present your coupon at the time of purchase
• ensure all conditions stated on the coupon are met (product to purchase, limits etc.)
• ensure all product specifications are met (size, flavor, etc)
• ensure your coupon is redeemed prior to the expiration date
• if printed from the internet, your coupon is legible
• ensure your coupon is not a photocopy
• ensure your coupon is not issued by one of our competitors

Store issued coupons: store coupons are distributed through flyers, email, in-store kiosks, social media and direct mail.

• Our store system reinforces the conditions of every coupon we receive to ensure that specifications are met (including banner, date, product specifications, limits, combinations, etc).
• Can be combined with manufacturer coupons
• Only one store issued coupon can be redeemed per item (no stacking)
Manufacturer issued coupons:
• Can be combined with a store issued coupon
• Must have a Canadian address; US coupons aren’t accepted
• The total value of the coupons cannot exceed the value of the product
• Multiple manufacturer’s coupons can be redeemed per item (stacking), only if each coupon comes from a different media source (e.g. manufacturer, newspaper, website, etc) and has a different code (or UPC)
• Stacking isn’t allowed on ‘buy one, get one’ free (BOGO) products
• Stacking isn’t allowed if the fine print says: Use of more than one manufacturer coupon per product is strictly prohibited or if wording states “cannot be combined with other offers”
• Splitting coupons across multiple products is not allowed
• All taxes are payable on the full value of the item, unless the coupon specifications state it’s for a ‘free’ taxable product
• Deposits and fees are payable on applicable products regardless of the coupons’ discount
• Manufacturer’s mail-in-rebates will be honoured by the manufacturer not the store (and are not considered coupons)

Guidelines for high volume coupon redeemers:
• Please call ahead to ensure we have adequate team members available on our front end at the time you plan to shop so that we can accommodate your needs while providing great service to our other customers.
• At checkout, please ensure that coupons are placed with each item to speed up the coupon validation and checkout process.
• If you hope to purchase large quantities of individual items, please provide 2 – 3 days notice to your local store manager so we can properly manage inventory requirements
• Please note that we reserve the right to limit quantities purchased based on inventory available for all customers.
• Please note that we will not accept large quantities of multiple coupons during any special promotional days. For more information, please see your manager.
• We reserve the right to amend the above mentioned practices at any time, in consideration of the best experience for our customers.

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