Readers Story | Extreme Couponing at London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart

Readers Story | Extreme Couponing at London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart

We love to share reader’s stories of their big shopping trips and great ways to save money.

Here is a story from a reader, Carmella from Winnipeg that shares how they use coupons to save money on their shopping. She uses great strategies like coupon stacking and using coupons on clearance prices.

I always wait for the items I want to go on sale before I buy them. By using my coupons when there is a good sale on you can get almost anything for nearly free. My goal is to pay 25% of what the item is at full cost. Or get the item for $1 or under. You can justify buying almost anything if it’s a $1.

I calculate my savings with what the item are normally priced, and then calculate the sale price and my coupons to leave me with a base price. I also always check the clearance bins as many products end up in there and YES you can use coupons for clearance items!!

2 X 20 count Finish Quantum $15.98

Stacked $14 in coupons  $1.98

2x 20 count Finish Quantum $15.98

Stacked $14 in coupons $1.98

4x Snuggle 60 count liquid reg $9.99 each ($39.96) sale $4.99 ($19.96)

Stacked $17.00 in coupons $2.96

1 Tressemme dry shampoo reg $5.99 sale $3.99

Stacked 3 $1.00 coupons $.99

6 750ml Dawn Dish Soap reg $3.99 ($23.94) sale 3 for $5.00 ($10.00)

I used 3 save $1 when you buy 2 $7.00

4 Aveeno Body wash Reg 10.99 ($43.96) Sale $5.99 ($23.96)

Stacked 6 Save $3 when you buy 2 $5.96

Andees mints 2.99 Paid full price as they are my Christmas treat J

Nautica gift set $100 value for $57.00

Clearance binned at $19.99

Tweezerman Nail files $15.99

Clearanced Binned $.99

Quo Tweezers $19.99

Clearanced  $.99

Quo Eye Shadow $19.99

Clearanced  $.99

Quo Lipstick $12.99

Clearanced  $.99

Quo Concealer $16.99

Clearanced $.99 

Studio Line Hair Spray reg $5.99 Sale $3.99

$2 off coupon $1.99

2 Nivea Body Wash Reg $6.99 ($13.98) sale $2.99

2 x $2 off Nivea $1.98

2 Gillette Body wash reg $5.99 ($11.98) sale $3.99 ($7.98)

2 coupons FREE when I bought a Deodorant

2 Gillette Deodorant reg $5.99 ($11.98) sale $3.99 (7.98)

2 $2 off $3.98

Total regular price $339.76

My price using coupons and waiting for sales and clearance prices: $56.45

TOTAL SAVINGS OF $283.31 (a healthy 83% off)


Steven Zussino

Steven Zussino is the co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. He loves to help Canadians save money on groceries. He also runs the blog,


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