Ultimate Gluten-free Spice Cake from Namaste Foods

Ultimate Gluten-free Spice Cake from Namaste Foods

Gluten – free diet hmmmm…. Sounds like a good idea however very challenging because of the limited about of gluten free products available out there?

Let me introduce Namaste Foods a US based company officially founded in February of 2000. Namaste Foods offers all their products free of wheat, gluten, corn, soy, potato, dairy, casein, peanuts and tree nuts, which are carefully manufactured in a dedicated allergen free facility.




I’ve been contemplating on changing my diet now for the past 3 weeks but I’m unsure because I would be limiting my foods, and I do love food! I pulled out the sampler pack I received at the Canadian Health Food Expo last month to test the Namaste Spice Cake mix to continue my test of whether or not I could go to a gluten free diet. It said – add water, oil, and eggs. I added olive oil and eggs… It suggested to add carrot shavings, fruit, nuts and what ever you would like in a spice cake. I added nice juice raisins and walnuts. The photo above is the final product! Amazingly delicious. It is now my husbands favorite cake! He loves all my cakes however he really like this spice cake. It reminded me of the Christmas cake I make but not as sweet.


How can cake this good be healthy!!

What started out as helping a friend find delicious food that was gluten free and allergen free turned into a business. Namaste Foods began experimenting with making a gluten free brownie that was delicious enough and tasty enough. That recipe set the business off. 10 years later that same Chocolate brownie recipes is still offered. Anyone with Celiac disease should definitely be experimenting with Namaste Foods.



Namaste Foods offers 18 varieties packs ranging from Pizza crust mix, pasta meals and flour blends. Check out their website for more varieties.



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