Step by step guide to making roasted red peppers at home

Step by step guide to making roasted red peppers at home

Roasted red peppers are extremely common treat in our home. I’ve been making roasted red pepper for as long as I can remember. My first experience with this tasty treat was when I was 5. I would stand next to my dad watching him roast them on the BBQ. I remember asking why do you burn them?  “Easier to peel,” he said. I didn’t know it at the time but my dad’s way was actually the most difficult way to making roasted red peepers.

roasted red peppers 6

One year while my mother in law was visiting she taught me her way. With all my experience in the past of roasting red peppers I agreed that my mother in law’s way is actually the easiest and quickest way to making roasted red peppers.

First you will need to wash, slice and core each each red pepper.

roasted red peppers 7Once that has been done you want to cut them up into quarters or smaller sizes to make it easier to roast and peel like the photo above. Now you are ready to roast them. Place them in a flat baking tin. Line up each quarter side by side. Ensure that the oven grill is on.

roasted red peppers 5

The best way and quickest way to roast red peppers is just to burn the peel slightly.

roasted red peppers 4Now that they are cooked and the peel is bubbled, place them into a pot to allow them to sweat. This will make it easy to peel each quarter.

roasted red peppers 3Place the lid on and leave them for about 20 minutes. Once they have cooled, carefully peel or pull the skin off. Once the roasted peppers are peeled you can either place them in an air tight container or marinated them with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a little bit of garlic. Feel free to use your favourite spice however I prefer something simple.

roasted red peppers 2There you have it. Save your self some money and stock up when bell peppers are on sale. Make a few batches and can them.


Lina Zussino

Lina Zussino, is a co-founder of Grocery Alerts Canada. encourages real whole foods cooking while helping Canadians save money with grocery deals and coupons.


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