Complete Guide to the PC Plus Program

Complete Guide to the PC Plus Program

The PC Plus Program is one of the most popular retail loyalty programs in Canada (an exclusive program for Loblaws shoppers.

PC Plus card.

Once you join, you’ll get personalized offers sent to you that let you earn points when you load your offers and buy the items at participating stores.

Once you save up your points, you can redeem them to get dollars off your grocery bill. As a member, you also have access to convenient online tools, including dinner suggestions, a shopping list and a meal planner.

At their gas stations, you earn the points indicated at the station per litre you purchase.

How the PC Plus program works

The PC Plus program is really easy.  You sign up for the program using a pre-existing PC Points membership (if you are a smart cookie and use President’s Choice Financial) or sign up new online or in store or, you can download the PC Plus™ app (either iTunes App Store, Google Play or BlackBerry World) .

Each Friday, you will receive new “offers” which need to be loaded into the app.  The offers are tailored to each consumer (so a mom that buys diapers will get offers for baby products, etc).

Each offer gives you PC points based on your purchases. For example, this week, I can get 500 points for buying Royale Bathroom Tissue – a value of $.50.

You can also collect points from buying products in store that have an offer attached to them.  At your local Loblaws stores, the points are displayed on either white tickets below the product or in the bottom right hand corner of sale tickets.

To collect the points, you have to provide your card or smart phone with the app loaded up when you are paying for your purchases.

You will only be able to redeem the points you collect when you have collected 20,000 or more.  20,000 points is equivalent to $20.  After you redeem the first 20,000 points you are able to redeem for 10,000.

Every 100 points is worth 10 cents. 

The PC Plus™ program is available at the the following stores across Canada Atlantic Superstore, Dominion (Newfoundland and Labrador), Bloor Street Market, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, Loblaws City Market, Loblaws Great Food, Provigo, Provigo Le Marché, Real Canadian Superstore, Save Easy, Valu-mart, Your Independent Grocer, and Zehrs (sorry no No Frills).

You can also earn points on fuel at select Gas Bar, Refuel, At the Pump and Plein a gaz stations. Please use the store locator to find a participating location near you.

10 ways to collect PC Plus Points Faster

There are 10 tricks to collect PC Points/PC Plus Points faster:

  1. Make sure you load offers every week in order to get the largest point values. The program makes sure you always check-in (like Foursquare) to get the latest offers. You will get a reminder email that you have new offers each week. To get the most out of the program, make loading offers part of your weekly shopping routine. That way, you’ll never miss out on something great.

    Load offers on PC Plus.

    Load offers on PC Plus.

  2. Sign up your spouse to get different offers.
    Remember that  the offers are all targeted and I have seen some people get 10,000 points for spending $50 and some getting paltry offers the same week. In order to sign up for the PC Plus program, you must be 14 years of age and a resident of Canada (sign your children up with a free PC Financial account and let them accumulate points for their favourite treats).
  3. Learn to price match. We offer over 70 different grocery store flyers across Canada and you can take advantage of Loblaw’s generous price-matching policy and still earn PC Points.If you found a deal on Huggies Wipes at Food Basics or Walmart try to see if a PC Points offer is available as well. Remember you can use manufacturer coupons with any PC Points offer.
  4. Combine your household points. This program lets you combine points from other family members.If you are the primary or secondary account holder, please contact them to combine your accounts.
  5. Look for bonus offers on items inside your store. Each store may have some extra offers to show regional promotions.
  6. Get the apps to make sure you always bring your card to get credit for your purchases.

    PC Plus mobile app

    PC Plus mobile app

  7. Look for bonus offers at the store.

    Sample store bonus offer.

    Sample store bonus offer.

  8. Purchase fuel at participating gas stations to earn points per litre. You can earn points on gas purchases at the following stores across Canada where there is a gas bar: Atlantic Superstore, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, Loblaws Great Food, Provigo, Real Canadian Superstore, Your Independent Grocer, and Zehrs.Please use the store locator to find a participating store near you. The PC Plus™ app can be used in the Kiosk to buy gas. For Customers who pay at the pump, you will need a plastic PC Plus™ card or your PC Financial® card that has been linked to the PC Plus™ program.
  9. Sign up with PC Financial® for a debit or MasterCard. I have had a PC Financial card for ages (since I was 18) and have never paid any banking fees – make the switch!If you have a PC Financial® card, you will earn 10 points per dollar with the PC Financial® MasterCard® or the PC Financial® World MasterCard® wherever you shop; and 20 points per dollar with the PC Financial® World MasterCard® or 5 points per dollar with the PC Financial® debit card at participating Loblaw stores across Canada). Points earned with a PC Financial® debit or credit card are in addition to any points you may earn through the PC Plus™ program.
  10. Follow to get updates on the latest promotions!

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