The Ultimate Cloth vs. Disposable Diaper Calculator

Do you know if cloth diapers are cheaper or are disposable diapers less expensive?

Well the answer is it depends!

Thanks to my lovely daughter, in her first modelling gig, for showing us the latest Disposable and Cloth Diapers.

We look at 17 types of cloth diapers (including all-in-one and hybrid cloth diaper systems) and provide pricing for different types of disposable diapers.

The calculator looks closely at the cleaning costs, electricity, and hydro and looks at diaper use estimates from several sources (13).

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for the cloth diaper vs disposable diapers calculator.

Cloth Diapers vs Disposable Diapers Cost Calculator
Please choose type of diaper:
Cloth Diapers: CDN$ 287.28 + CDN$ 7.03 shipping – Source
$486.95 – Source
$350 – Source
$184.95 – Source
$369.00 – Source
$300 – Source
$254.97 – Source
$394.00 – Source
$179.90 – Source
$575.00 – Source
$275.00 – Source
$311.40 – Source
$495.95 – Source
$299.95 – Source
$301.00 – Source
$154 – Source


Reference for Estimates
Cost of washing:

Total Cost for Cloth Diapers:

Total Cost for Disposable Diapers:

Some assumptions:

  • Dryers on average use about 3.5 kWh per cycle and Washing Machines on average about 1.2 kWh per cycle (Source).
  • Washing will be done for every 15 diapers.
  • Not using fabric softener or dryer sheets.
  • A full-sized ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers uses 14 gallons of water per load, compared to the 27 gallons used by a standard machine. Source.
  • Water calculation ignores any fixed charges.
  • One cubic meter = 1,000 litres; 1,000 litres = 220 gallons
  • Assumes no washing/drying are done using gRefills hybrid cloth diapers.
  • Does not look at cost of optional accesories like a Diaper Genie, Diaper pail/wet bag/tote bag, wet/dry bags, Diaper Pail Liners, liners, doublers, inserts, or a Diaper Sprayer.
  • This does not look at garbage disposal fees for disposable diapers (some municipalities charge after the first bag).


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