Founders of Grocery Alerts featured in CNN Money


Our goal was to be mortgage free and so the savings began as well as Grocery Alerts Canada. We started cutting expenses any way we could, slowly but surely we’ve managed to reduce our debt not only with groceries but every way possible. Our thought is debt is debt whether it’s good debt or bad […]

Today’s Parent / Who wants free stuff?

free stuff on your birthday Ebook_final

I certainly think Birthday freebies are worth the perk! Why not, I love my free drink at Starbucks for morning tea. My free birthday meal at Red Robins followed by a walk and a stop at Marble Slab Creamery. What do you think? Editor Sandra E. Martin discovers Grocery Alerts’ free ebook “Free Stuff for your […]

BC Business Magazine / Parental Leave Planning for Entrepreneurs

BC Business Mag Parental Leave Planning

Co-founders Steven and Lina Zussino might be new parents but they have been thinking like parents for some time to prepare for this life changing event. “It all comes down to planning for the future and making a few changes that has enabled us to keep our business alive and thriving now that Eva Zussino […]

Mentioned in – Free Stuff on Your Birthday eBook


Our free eBook is making the rounds of the Canadian media recently. Popular personal finance blog, Walletpop, wrote a post that described our eBook as the following, “It’s called Free Stuff on Your Birthday for Canadians, from Grocery and it’s a handy resource that will help you to take advantage of all of the goodies in your […]