About Grocery Alerts Canada

We are Steven and Lina Zussino, Canada’s frugal family. We live on the west coast in beautiful Victoria, BC. We love being surrounded by sea, mountains and our 14 month year old daughter Eva.

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About Steve – Steve is by far the most frugal person I have ever met in my life. He can literally turn a cent into a dollar. I wouldn’t say he is cheap because he loves luxurious holidays and the beautiful diamond ring that sits on my finger.

When Steve is not working he spends his personal time playing golf, hockey, volleyball and cooking. Something that surprises most people about Steve is his extreme knowledge of sports trivia. This is something that blows my mind because as his wife I never see him watching sports on TV. In fact we do not own a TV. He is also one of the most funniest guy I ever met.

Steven writes his own personal finance blog www.canadianpersonallfinance.com where he discusses his personal stock picks, his analytically crazy (funny) stories and showing ways Canadians can save and make money. Most recently he has a launched www.canadiantravelhacking.com, where he blogs about getting the most out of your travel dollar.

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Navy Run Esquimalt 2013 (Eva’s 1st 10K)

About Lina – That’s me, I am a work at home mom. I’m not as frugal as Steve but I love deals, sales and coupons. I’m an avid couponer and I hate to spend money. I rather see my hard earned money accumulate and invested. I make purchases based on ROI which means I  need to know the resale value of my purchase regardless of the item I buy. I generally only buy things that are on sale or when I can get a good deal. I’m happy waiting out the hype on products, I’m the type of person that expects champagne on a beer budget.

I’m also a fitness fanatic and I care about what goes into my body. I teach fitness at Goodlife Fitness and I am a firm believer that the quality of life depends on the quality of your healthy.

I cook my meals from scratch as often as possible. I have been baking since 5 years of age and I love doing it. My personal time is spent running and spending time with my daughter and husband. I have an addiction to travel and have spent a great part of my life exploring 43 countries.

About Grocery Alerts – Grocery Alerts Canada was founded in May 2009 just before we got married. We created a budget that mapped out our plans to achieve our goals. We soon found out how much we could save by changing some of our spending habits and decided to share this with our fellow Canadians.

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We offer grocery coupons, grocery deals, and showing Canadians how to shrink their grocery bill using coupons and sales. We also provide useful articles on saving money, rewards and loyalty programs as well as recipes, reviews on products we love.

Today, Grocery Alerts has been named as one of the top coupon websites in Canada, featured in many media outlets and recognized as experts on couponing in Canada.