About Grocery Alerts Canada

As Grocery Alerts evolves so do we! It’s about time we update our “About Us” page.

Let me elaborate, we are older and wiser not to mention value time and health more than ever!

We are Steven and Lina Zussino, Canada’s frugal family. We live on the west coast in beautiful Victoria, BC. We love being surrounded by sea, mountains and two adorable girls. Our way of thinking hasn’t changed when it comes to saving money – what has changed is what we currently do to save money.

Sydney Opera House March 2015

Sydney Opera House March 2015

So what does that mean?

Grocery Alerts was founded in 2009 to help Canadians save money on groceries. AND, YES WE DID THAT. We created a budget that mapped out our plans to achieve our goals. We soon found out how much we could save by changing some of our spending habits and decided to share this with our fellow Canadians.

Back in 2009 when Grocery Alerts was founded

Back in 2009 when Grocery Alerts was founded

But now (2015) we want to expand and share our knowledge in all aspects of saving money living a happier and healthier life. Now in our 40’s and as a family of four our goals have changed. We want to share what we are currently doing in our lives to retire EARLY utilizing everything we have at our fingertips.

We still offer grocery coupons, grocery deals, and showing Canadians how to shrink their grocery bill using coupons and sales. We also will continue to provide useful articles on saving money, rewards and loyalty programs as well as recipes, reviews on products we love.

More about Grocery Alerts – The site has been named as one of the top coupon websites in Canada, featured in many media outlets and recognized as experts on saving money.

Steve and the girls having lunch - Re:START Mall Christchurch, NZ Feb. 2015

Steve and the girls having lunch – Re:START Mall Christchurch, NZ Feb. 2015

About Steve – Steve is still the most frugal person I have ever met in my life. He can still turn a cent into a dollar and in fact these days it’s dollars into thousands of dollars.

He still plays hockey every week and he is still a great golfer but for now his golf clubs are stored at the back of the garage. Something that surprises most people about Steve is his extreme knowledge of sports trivia. This is something that blows my mind because as his wife I’ve never seen him watching sports on TV. He is also still the most fun and funniest guy I ever met.

Steve works a 9-5 job and he published a book last year – Travel Hacking for Canadians. He blogs about travel hacking at http://www.canadiantravelhacking.com. It is a blog about getting the most out of your travel dollar.

Lina cruising Lake Wakatipu, NZ February 2015

Lina cruising Lake Wakatipu, NZ February 2015

About Lina – That’s me. I will admit I am not as frugal as Steve but I love deals, sales and coupons and I still hate to spend money. I would rather see my hard earned money accumulate and invested. I make purchases based on ROI (return on investment), which means I need to know the resale value of my purchase regardless of the item I buy.

As a mom and role model to two girls I’ve changed. I am raising my girls to be confident and happy young women that respect everyone equally. I am a firm believer that the quality of life depends on the quality of your healthy.

Home Office April 2012

Home Office April 2012

Disclaimer – We are not professional financial advisors. We are just a working class family on a mission to retire young by saving as much money as possible yet still living a happy – some what normal and healthy life.

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